Best Cooking Blogs In India: Learn New Recipes Everyday!

There are several cooking blogs all over the internet. All of them have their own unique style and preparation technique. For a food lover or for someone who has interest in preparing different kinds of food, a well structured and informed recipe is important. We have narrowed down some of the best food recipe blogs, which would help you to learn cooking easily and perfectly. Here we go.

Sailu’s Kitchen
There are several cooking blogs all over the internet. All of them have their own unique style and preparation. Sailu’s Kitchen is an interesting cooking blog to read. All recipes are well written and formatted. All instructions are mentioned step-wise with high quality images. It is must-read blog for someone who is a food enthusiast who enjoys cooking.

Padhus Kitchen
With a tagline “Easy to Learn Simple to Cook”, the cooking blog emphasizes on simple and healthy Indian Vegetarian recipes. Initiated in 2009, it has over 700 recipes, which are simple and quick to learn. All recipes have easy-to-follow step by step cooking instructions.

Veg Recipes of India
Started out of passion, Dassana’s blog has become huge now with a wide collection of vegetarian and baking recipes. You will witness that all recipes are in step-by-step pictorial format, which becomes easy for beginners. There are some original food recipes as well.

Saras’s Kitchen: Destination for Food Lovers!
Started by Saraswathi Tharagaram, Saras’s Kitchen is all about sharing simple, fancy recipes. Writing style is simple and easily understandable. You can get know recipes of various cooking styles and dishes.

This cooking blog is focused on pure vegetarian and simple food. DivineTaste includes all recipes are prepared without using/adding meat, fish, eggs, onions and garlic. Moreover, there are several recipe videos as well for better and clearer understanding. All recipes are well written and instructed.

Lite Bite
Lite Bite is another food-recipe blog known for egg free baking and healthy cooking. Healthy cooking methods/instructions have been extensively included in all my recipes mentioned on the blog. Most of the recipes are easy and accessible. You can also see several low calorie desserts and sweet dishes which are easy to prepare.

Simply Tadka
Simply Tadka, previously known as Preeti’s Kitchen Life, has a long list of different stuffs or cuisines, some learnt from my mom and some by experiment. Started back in 2012, Simply Tadka has recipes of North Indian food, South Indian food and continental food. All recipes’ instructions are elaborated and have pictorial representation.

Sharmis Passions
Sharmi’s blog has some great, easy learning Indian recipes. You can also find food recipes from around the world. All mentioned recipes are simple and well structured. All recipes written in the blog come with step-by-step instructions and pictures. This blog has recipes for all variety of food including South Indian, North Indian, continental and oriental recipes.

Rak’s Kitchen
On this blog, you can get Desi and Videshi recipes with unimaginable twists. All recipes are healthy and simple to cook. Moreover, the recipes are well detailed and supplemented by high quality images.

Eggless Cooking
This cooking blog is dedicated to egg free baking recipes. Here you can learn baking crispy cookies, decadent cakes and delicious pastries without using egg. All recipes are accompanied with greatly captured, relevant pictures, easy to follow instructions and loads of useful tips for great baking experience.

May 13, 2016